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JT Services MN
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North Mankato, MN 56003

Welcome to JT Services of Minnesota

Underground & Overhead

Above & Below Grade Boxes
Hand Holes & Vaults
Secondary Pedestals
Poly, Fiberglass, Steel
Transformer Basements
J-Box Ground Sleeves

Conduit & Duct
PVC Pipe & Fittings
HDPE Duct & Couplings
E-Loc, Threaded, Press-on
Conduit Repair Systems

Homac Connector Products

Wire & Cable
High Voltage UG Cable
600 Volt UG Wire
Other Misc. Wire & Cable

Misc. Products
Fiberglass Marking Stakes
Identification Systems
Pedestal Markers
Uticom Self-Sticking Labels
Ekstrom Metering Adapters
Brooks Meter Seals
Sterling Locks
Krylon Marking Paints
Kaddas Wildlife Protection

Bashlin Industries
Condux International
Lewis Pulling Grips
HD Electric Co.
  Lighting Products

Decorative Street Lighting
Holophane Lighting
King Luminaire
Shakespeare Poles
Sun Valley Lighting
StressCrete Poles
American Electric Lighting
Faribo-Replacement Globes
Formed Plastics-Replacement Globes
Valmont Aluminum Poles
Chance Anchors

Non-Decorative Street Lighting
Holophane Lighting
Millerbernd Poles
Shakespeare Poles
StressCrete Poles
US Aluminum Poles
American Electric Lighting
Valmont/Lexington Poles & Accessories

EYE Lamps
    - HPS, Metal Halide, Ignitron

Misc. Lighting
Utility Metals Lighting Brackets
Sun-Tech Photocontrols
DTL Photocontrols
Banner-Saver Banner Brackets